Is the U.S. Government being controlled by satanic cults?



Could it be true? Could a shadow government be running the United States from behind the scenes? As crazy as this sounds, I have found much evidence to support this growing theory, with high powered Americans such as George Bush I and II and John Kerry being members of a secret society called Skull and Bones for their days at Yale.

( There is also a group of major world leaders and very rich elitist that control almost every major corporation in the world that meet in secret at Bohemian Grove in California.

( Here these men meet in an all-male setting and conduct strange rituals, one of which was managed to be caught on video by free-lance reporter Alex Jones in 2000.  ( The ritual that Alex caught on video during his 6 hour infiltration of the Grove is called the Cremation of Care. Occult Meaning of the Cremation of Care Ritual

The apex of the Bohemian Grove’s rituals is the Cremation of Care ceremony. This was devised in 1893 by a member named Joseph D. Redding, a lawyer from New York.

G.William Domhoff, a professor of psychology and sociology at the University of California, Santa Cruz,, obtained access to the Bohemian Club’s records and membership and was able to conduct extensive research into the organization and their activities, including details surrounding the Cremation of Care ceremony.

According to Domhoff, on the first Saturday of the camp, this elaborate ritual is held just after dinner. The ritual’s main theme is the celebratory burning of an effigy of “Dull Care” at the bottom of a forty-foot stone owl.

The ceremony involves the poling of a small boat across a lake containing an effigy of Care (“Dull Care”). Dark, hooded individuals receive the effigy from the ferryman which is placed on an altar and, at the end of the ceremony, is set on fire. (Sounds a lot like crossing the river Styx then being burned in hell.)

Domhoff notes: “this is the body of Care, symbolizing the concerns and woes that afflict all men during their daily lives.”

The occult meaning of this ceremony seems clear. These men carry the cares of the world and use a symbolic ritual to cast it off. The remaining time at the Club represents a careless period, or vacation of sorts, during which time no business is conducted.

By “cremating” care, they expunge the negative energy of such emotions as worry, fear, and anxiety; it is the goal and magical effect of the ritual, which could more properly be called the “Cremation of worry” or “Cremation of negative energy.”

The pertinent evidence to the present article, of course, is the fact that the ceremony takes place next to a 45 foot (14m) high concrete owl statue, symbolizing knowledge and wisdom. The voice of the owl during the ceremony is former newsman Walter Cronkite, himself a member of the Bohemian Club, and music and fireworks accompany the ritual for dramatic effect.

Here you can find a list of the Bohemian members. ( With numerous past US presidents and people like Henry Kissinger, it’s hard not to see the connection to the United States Government. This ritual is clearly Satanic/Pagan in nature but yet many of these members claim to be Christians like Bush I and II.

I am supplying the reader with more links for you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

Encounter with the Unknown

It was the summer of 1993, my friend lived back up in the mountains of East TN on an old road called Fiddler’s Branch in the Simerly Creek community of Carter County on the Unicoi County line. I used to go visit on the weekends and we would hike up into an abandoned mountain settlement called Clarktown. It was about a 5 mile hike up an old logging road at the time, we used to love to hike back up there and fish in the small lake and ponds in what was at that time an apple orchard. My friends parents had grown up there on the same land they lived on, his Grandfather lived about 1/8 of a mile up the road from them and he was an old mountain man that made his living in the hills trapping, digging roots and making moonshine. He used to tell us stories about the mountains and the ghosts that haunted Fiddlers Branch and the creature he called the “Wildman.” That he claimed roamed the hills. Of course we thought at the time he was just trying to scare two kids with his old stories that were probably told to him when he was a boy running those mountain ridges. It was not very long before we found out there was some truth to his tall tales.

One August morning after my Father dropped me off and talked to my friend’s dad for a while like they always did, Ken and I had our packs ready and our fishing poles packed ready for our 3-4 hour hike back to the ponds. With the dogs’ eager and ready to accompany us and our trusty .22 rifles at hand we started out for what we thought would be a normal day of hiking and fishing. We had had strange things happen to us before, heard strange sounds in the woods and we always carried our rifles when we ventured back into those hills. Mostly because of the threat of wild dog packs we had ran into before in the past. Little did we know, that day would be very different from any of our other hikes.

We had packed up our gear and was heading back to my friend house like we had done several times in the past, we had stayed a little longer than we had planned because we were catching catfish and releasing them back into the ponds. So by the time we got back out onto the logging road it was getting dark. We had walked maybe a mile, the sun had set down in behind the hills and there was very little light, we had a couple of old cheap flashlights just good enough to see maybe 10 feet in front of us so we were not worried. I had just bought a “bucket of bullets” that at the time you could buy at Wal-Mart, 800 shells for like $10, so we were set with our semi-auto rifles so we were not very worried about what we might stumble upon. But after it got good and dark we soon realized we were being followed.

We kept hearing rustling off the side of the trail in the thick under brush, the dogs were acting funny and soon we realized they had left us. They had never done that before. As it kept getting darker whatever it was that was stalking us became more aggressive and we were hearing low, God awful sounding growls and large sticks breaking not more than 20 yards from us. It was not long we realized there was more than one as the sounds were now coming from both sides of the road. We thought for a little while maybe it was a couple of aggressive black bear so we stopped and shot our rifles into the air maybe 10 rounds. As we continued so did whatever was stalking us. I thought I saw dark shadowy figures a few times in between the tress swaying back and forth, very tall shadows. Soon we realized this was no bears. We stopped and I think I was the first to shoot all 20 of my bullets in the direction of what I was seeing, thinking that surely had scared whatever it was off we continued, and so did our stalkers. We would end up walking a few yards and pretty good sized sticks started flying out into the road in front of us, we would stop shoot, reload and alternate so as to where one of us always had a full load of rounds in his rifle. As we kept going the aggressiveness got worse, rocks were being thrown now, and nothing in those woods threw rocks that we knew of and I just don’t see a man sticking around with bullets whizzing by him like mad hornets. This cycle of walk a few yards, stop shoot 20 rounds, reload and continue went on for about 3 hours. And did not let up almost until we were in sight of the house. When we got in the yard the dogs were there hiding under the porch.

We never knew exactly what had stalked us that night. About a year later my friend and I accompanied by 2 other friends went back up into the area to look around. It was January and we did make it to the orchard and discovered several deer carcass hanging in some trees about 15 feet off the ground, about as soon as we made the discovery it started snowing hard, so we were forced to hike back out, by the time we got out of there we had about 2 feet of snow on the ground.

I ventured back up there about a year after that I was going to take my 4×4 as far as I could go and hike in the rest of the way. I got about ¾ of the way there and came upon a Tennessee Wildlife Resource Officer, she stopped me to inform me all that land had been bought up and was now private property. Seeing I was trespassing with an assault shotgun behind my seat loaded for bear, I politely apologized and turned around and drove out of there. None of us has been back since.

I am in the process of trying to find out who owns the property now, I was told by another TWRA officer an FBI agent bought it up and was living back in there, I assume as it’s a very hard area to access and he probably has some major enemies. I am continuing to try and obtain permission to get back up there and do a proper investigation.

Ebola and the dangers of flights from Africa


With the outbreak of Ebola in the U.S. why won’t the Obama administration shut down all incoming flights to the U.S. from Ebola stricken West Africa? Thomas Eric Duncan arrived in Texas on the 20th of September on a flight that departed from West Africa. He fell ill on September 24th and was later confirmed of having the Ebola virus. Authorities have said repeatedly that there is no danger of anyone getting sick from flying with Duncan because he was not symptomatic at the time.

Globally, airlines have been taking an array of precautions. Air France has suspended flights to Ebola-ravaged Sierra Leone. Asky Airlines, Nigeria’s Arik Air, Gambia Bird and Kenya Airlines have followed suit. They also have grounded flights to and from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

British Airways extended their suspension of flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone until Dec. 31. Emirates Airlines suspended its flights to Guinea, while Korean Air cut off contact to and from Kenya beginning Aug. 20.

Other carriers such as Royal Air Maroc and Brussels Airlines have modified their routes but still are operating regularly scheduled services to African nations.

Seven countries have implemented Ebola-related travel restrictions. Among them is Gambia, which recently banned the entry of flights from Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

So the question remains, why the United States still allow flights from West Africa even after Ebola has been brought into the country in this manor?

Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are already economically isolated because this epidemic has spread far wider and lasted much longer than any other Ebola outbreak in history. What those countries need most now is assistance from the world.

More flight restrictions will only make it more difficult for life-saving aid and medical professionals to reach West Africa. The restrictions already in place have proved so problematic that U.S. military forces are building an “air bridge” to get health workers and medical supplies to affected areas.

“Any discontinuation of transport will affect humanitarian aid, doctors, nurses and human resources entering the country, the transfer of biological sampling and equipment for hospitals,” Daniel Menucci, a representative for the World Health Organization Travel and Transport Task Force, said in August. “All of this needs international transporting, international airlines. This will create more problems in helping the countries most affected.”

At what point will the administration feel that the risk of causing a pandemic in the U.S. potentially resulting in thousands if not millions dying from Ebola? ( Recently there has been a petition going viral on the internet petitioning the United States Government to stop incoming flights from West Africa into the U.S. (

I feel we should look at the risk of leaving the door open so to say, for this incredibly deadly virus to take hold in the U.S. There should only be essential aid and medical flights to and from West Africa until this outbreak is contained and there is no more clear and present danger of being transmitted into the United States and possibly collapsing our medical and economic structure.


Could recent Ebola outbreak be a trial-run for the next False Flag attack?


In a recent interview former CIA Agent Robert David Steele, ( Tells Alex Jones ( that he feels the U.S. will suffer a “false Flag” ( attack on the country. In the interview which aired  on The Alex Jones Show on September 18, 2014, Steel stated he felt we would see a “simulated Ebola attack” that the Government of the U.S. will claim was brought here by Saudi martyrs. When you take into account what has happened since the interview and the botched handling of the victim that flew to Texas from West Africa, when he was turned away from a Dallas Hospital, ( as thousands had already died or were infected by the Ebola virus. Not to mention that the U.S. is still letting passenger liners operate to and from West Africa. (Look for my article coming soon on

Could what we have seen going on in Texas with this man a “trial run” to test the CDC and their effectiveness? With the history of the United States and their use of “False Flag” operations in the past, (links below) I feel it should be duty to the critical thinkers to look into this matter in depth.

Ebola, Big Pharma and the Monsanto Connection.


There has been much talk of the connections between The Gates foundation, Monsanto and the recent outbreaks of the Ebola. Here are some very interesting facts that I have found from simple internet searches.

According to the Website;

The chairman of the committee of the Gates Foundation is Professor Sir John Bell, F.R.S., FMedSci, Mr. Bell, according to Wikipedia; did attend the Bilderberg meeting of 2013.  The Bilderberg meetings have been taking place in secret  since the 1950’s but were only recently admitted to publicly thanks in part to a documentary by Alex Jones in 2004.

Who are the Bilderberg’s?

Also, it does appear that Mr. Gates has been investing heavily into the bio-giant Monsanto.  (  such as this article suggests dated May 19th 2014. Of course this pre-dates the most recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa. It is a safe bet to say that whoever comes up with an effective Ebola vaccination will stand to make millions if not billions.

Obama pushes Geoengineering with Executive Order

Chemtrail flu

One topic that I feel is often over-looked in the U.S. today is the Executive Orders that President Obama has signed into law. I would like to take a little time and look at just one of the one hundred and eighty eight executive orders Obama has signed into existence.

On October 5, 2009, Obama signed (EO) 13514. The EO addresses the US government’s response to preparing “the Nation for the impacts of climate change.”

  • This includes prolonged periods of:
  • Excessively high temperatures
  • Heavy downpours
  • Increased wildfires
  • Severe drought
  • Permafrost thawing
  • Ocean acidification
  • Sea-level rise

During such times, the government will collaborate with “affected communities, natural resources, ecosystems, economies, and public health across the Nation.”

This EO broadens the power of the Federal Government in the name of Climate Control.

Days after warning, “I’ve got a pen and … a phone and if Congress won’t do its job, I’ll do mine,” Obama met with his national security team to green-light a new climate change project. “Call me the Rainmaker,” he told the group assembled.

A heavily redacted copy of a classified report titled “America Cools Down on Climate” (ACDC) and obtained by TheGreenGrok outlines the audacious plan to use commercial air traffic to mitigate the growing impacts of climate change across the United States.

The plan falls under the category of what is known as Geoengineering: the attempt by humans to slow, stop, or even reverse global warming by manipulating the environment instead of slowing the production of greenhouse gas emissions themselves.

Geoengineering examples include injecting particles into the stratosphere to reflect sunlight back into space and dumping iron into the ocean to enhance the uptake of atmospheric carbon dioxide by oceanic phytoplankton. The ACDC plan, code-named “Rainmaker,” is considered by experts to be groundbreaking not only because it did not require the construction of a vast industrial infrastructure; it also helped keep flights on time. This can be done either by mixing nano-sized particles of metals such as Aluminum and Barium into commercial jet airline’s fuel or directly spraying from military and private contractor’s aircraft. There is a patent for this process.

Could these metals and others be the cause for the recent outbreaks of strange respiratory illness’s sweeping the country? With these clouds of nano-sized particles falling down onto the soil, water, plants, animals and humans, what type of health and environmental effects could Geoengineering have on the planet and it’s inhabitants?  The following are Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for the metals in question.

Aluminum (AL):  Potential Acute Health Effects:

Slightly hazardous in case of skin contact (irritant). Non-irritating to the eyes. Non-hazardous in case of ingestion.

Potential Chronic Health Effects:

CARCINOGENIC EFFECTS: Not available. MUTAGENIC EFFECTS: Not available. TERATOGENIC EFFECTS: Not available. DEVELOPMENTAL TOXICITY: Not available. The substance is toxic to lungs. Repeated or prolonged exposure to the substance can produce target organs damage. Repeated exposure to a highly toxic material may produce general deterioration of health by an accumulation in one or many human organs.

Barium (Ba):  Effects of Exposure:

To the best of our knowledge the chemical, physical, and toxicological properties of barium have not been thoroughly investigated and recorded.

Barium compounds may cause severe gastroenteritis, including abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, tremors, faintness, paralysis of the arms and legs, and slow or irregular heartbeat.  Severe cases may produce collapse and death due to respiratory failure.  Soluble barium compounds are more likely to cause these effects than insoluble compounds.  Inhalation of fumes may cause sore throat, coughing, labored breathing, and irritation of the respiratory tract as well as the above symptoms.

Acute Effects:

Inhalation:  May cause severe irritation to the nose, throat, and upper respiratory tract.

Could Geoengineering be the cause of the extreme weather we have seen in the recent years? If Obama is the “rainmaker” as he coined himself, why not make some rain in drought stricken California and Texas? Could this engineering be used to create disasters that the Federal Government could use to abuse EO #13514? Also, could this aerosol assault on the planet and people be creating sickness and chronic bad health? If so why? Ask yourself who is to gain from this? Could it be Monsanto with the creation of GMO seeds that can grow in ground poisoned by aluminum? How about big pharma and health care? I feel there are way too many questions left unanswered and there needs to be more independent research done on this matter as soon as possible.

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